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 Videos and Sounds of VWs...
total 36
-RWelty VR6 burnout NEW RWeltys mk2 vr6 burnouts 2 mpeg
-Mk2 VR6 burnout Flip flop mk2 vr6 burnout 1 avi
-Mk2 Burnout Burnout in a parking lot 1 mpeg
-Seans mk1 GTi quarter mile at track     4 avi
-Cabrio and mk3 GTi Edited video cabrio and gti 1 wmv
-Dalbach Racing mk4 GTi 1.8t and Audi Quattro 7 mpeg
-Speed Racer commercial GTi VR6 commercial 1 quicktime
-Rallye mk4 GTi Professional offroad rallye racing 1 mov
-Charles mk3 GTi VR6 GTi VR6 vs Civic Si 1 mpeg
-Dubsport Twin VR6 turbo 1/4 mile run, amazing video 1 mpeg
-Bahn Brenner corrado fly by 1 mpeg
-Bens Jetta VR6 autocross racing 1 mpeg
-EIP Turbo cars 1/4 mile, dyno 4 mpegs
-Billy T's mk4 GTi 1.8t dyno, 14sec quarter mile at track         2 mpegs
-Waterfest 2000 hotel burnouts 8 mpegs
 Sounds: -Corrado VR6 w/ modified airbox
w/K&N filter in stock airbox with no snorkel or prescreen
(Courtesy of Yellow Ted's GTI VR6 Page)

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