Videos and Sounds of VWs...
-Dalbach Racing mk4 GTi and Audi Quattro 6 mpeg
<back dalbach-mk4.mpg - 900hp mk4 GTi, racing down some street, note the lady just strolling down the road.  Poor quality video. But the sound is great.  48 sec 762k
dalbach-audi-1.mpg - Audi quattro taking off down the street, cant see the car but the sound is awesome! 25 sec 1.82mb
dalbach-audi-2.mpg - Audi quattro in a short spin!! 26 sec 1.89mb
dalbach-audi-3.mpg - The only way to do a burnout, 360 spins!!  THE best one i've ever seen.  As good as Zanardi... 48 sec 3.50mb
dalbach-audi-4.mpg - More 360 spins, about 3 shorter ones.  They must have went through one set of tires this day. 41 sec 2.99mb
<back dalbach-audi-5.mpg - Audi quattro spinning burning the tires, interior shot. 13 sec 2.25mb
 Sounds: -Corrado VR6 w/ modified airbox
w/K&N filter in stock airbox with no snorkel or prescreen
(Courtesy of Yellow Ted's GTI VR6 Page)

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