Videos and Sounds of VWs...
-EIP Turbo cars 1/4 mile, dyno 4 mpegs
<back eipturbo-track.mpg - EIPs turbo VR6 car running an 11.1 sec quarter mile 36 sec 5.29mb
eipturbo-dyno.mpg - EIPs turbo VR6 car running on the dyno 36 sec 5.44mb
eip-scirocco.mpg - EIPs turbo Scirocco car running an 10.7 sec quarter mile 28 sec 4.25mb
<back eip-starion.mpg - EIPs turbo Starion running an 10.6 sec quarter mile 23 sec 3.46mb
 Sounds: -Corrado VR6 w/ modified airbox
w/K&N filter in stock airbox with no snorkel or prescreen
(Courtesy of Yellow Ted's GTI VR6 Page)

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